Common Mobile Home Repair Jobs That Anyone Can Do

Performing repairs and odd jobs around the home can bring a real sense of accomplishment, but many people think that their mobile home repair projects can only be done by experienced contractors. However, there are several common problems in mobile homes that can easily be fixed without breaking the bank on contractors and complete replacements.

Bathtub: Repair it or Replace it?

Repairing bathtubs can be a very difficult project, since there are drains, vents and water lines involved. However, there are some quick fixes for damaged mobile home bathtubs. For small cracks in a plastic tub, a simple epoxy repair kit can do the trick. The epoxy not only patches and hardens over the crack, but comes in neutral colors to match the rest of the tub. For larger cracks, tub repair tape is a good way to completely seal the crack. The tub repair tape does look fairly unattractive, but it stays pliable so the crack cannot reappear.

Unstable Toilet Solutions

A toilet that rocks or leans is a very annoying mobile home problem, indicating that the floor underneath has become damp. A floor plate under the toilet is the easiest fix, if the plate is big enough to cover the ruined area. Shut off the water to the toilet and drain the tank, unhook the water line, remove the nuts at the base and set the entire toilet to the side. Clean the toilet flange and discard its bolts. Add spacer rings to bring the flange's height up to the plate, and put silicone between the rings after the proper height is found. Using rust-resistant screws, secure the flange to the floor and top with silicone. Place the floor plate on top and secure to the floor, finally replacing the toilet.

Quick Ceiling Repair

Keeping the ceiling maintained is an extremely important mobile home repair project, for safety reasons as well as aesthetic. Most mobile home ceilings are ceiling tiles or boards which are very hard to find replacements for. Sometimes ceiling leaks can cause these tiles to sag. Small sags can be corrected by dampening the tile with a spray water bottle, pushing it back into place and holding it there for several days. For more serious ceiling sagging and cracking, try screwing some long boards up at the seams of the tiles to hold them in their places.

Remove Dead Rodents without Damage

Rodents that have crawled underneath mobile homes and died can be a real nuisance. Removing it can mean tearing apart the underside of the mobile home, but there are ways to get it out without damage. First, narrow down where the smell is coming from. With a flashlight or headlamp, crawl in and find the area with the strongest smell. Cut a 12-inch slit in the underbelly of the mobile home, widening a hole in the insulation. A periscope, which can be found at most army supply stores, can help by looking through the hole to find the critter. Cut a hole large enough to remove the rodent and use underbelly tape to repair the slits.

Mobile home repair projects may take up a little more of your time, but will help save money in the long run. Plus, fixing things yourself will help you become more experienced in home repair work. Just remember to use high-quality materials and take the proper safety precautions, and you will be able to do successful and long-lasting mobile home repair.