How to Find Reliable Mobile Home Repair Contractors

Honest and reliable mobile home repair contractors can be difficult to find. Mobile homes are so different than regular houses that many handymen refuse to work on them. Some contractors do not do their best work or charge more than the job is worth. As a result, it is important to know how to find contractors who you can trust to do a great job.

Why is it so Hard to Find a Contractor?

Repair people tend to work in limited regions, making it difficult for some people to hear about them. Most parts supply stores will not recommend anyone who is not part of their in-house service team, and some mobile homes can be so challenging to repair and remodel that many typical contractors do not even consider working on them. However, it is possible to find a good and ethical contractor who will help with your mobile home projects by word of mouth, classified advertising, or through the trailer park if you happen to live in one.

Get a Great Deal

You want to make sure you are not paying more than the job is worth, so don't settle for the first bid. Get estimates from at least two or three different contractors. Get the bids in writing and do not accept verbal bids. It is important that you know exactly what work needs to be done and what materials will be needed. Find out the prices on all of the materials that will be used for the project and make a detailed list, so that you will know if a contractor tries to make extra money off of you by raising the prices of tools and building materials.

Get Quality References

You should never hire any mobile home repair contractors without first checking out their references. Three or more references from the contractor's actual customers is a great start. They will be able to tell you if they were satisfied with the work and how well they got along with the contractor. Some references may even allow you to look at their finished projects, which is a great way for you to see firsthand the contractor's quality of work. If any of the references seem dissatisfied with their project, it may of course be a sign that you need to look elsewhere.

Arranging Payment

One important thing to remember is that you should never pay a contractor for mobile home remodeling or repairs up front, and a good one would never even ask. In some cases, the contractor may not be able to afford the cost of large amounts of repair supplies and building materials. If so, you can purchase the materials yourself, have them delivered to you, or prepay for the materials and have the contractor pick them up. These are good ways to protect yourself financially from contractors who would use your funds dishonestly.

By using common sense and the suggested tips, you should be able to enjoy success in hiring honest mobile home contractors to help you get the home you have always dreamed of.