Quality Mobile Home Repair Supplies

In most cases, a mobile home repair or remodeling job is only as good as the supplies used to do it. If poor materials are used for mobile home projects, the quality of the finished work will suffer. Looking for quality mobile home repair supplies will help get the job done faster and stay looking great for years.

Primer and Paint

A good primer and paint job makes all the difference when it comes to the attractiveness of mobile home interior walls. A plain white primer such as KILZ does a good job of covering up blemishes and preparing the walls for the paint. Some prefer to use latex paints for mobile home walls as they have less noticeable fumes in the smaller living spaces and are not too much trouble to clean up. In potentially damp areas like kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas, semi-gloss paint helps the walls stand up against water drips and splashes.

Wall Paneling Replacements

Many mobile homes use paneling for the walls. Unfortunately, they can easily sag, crack and become damaged. Luckily, many do-it-yourself stores carry these mobile home interior wall panels at prices of about $9 per sheet, as well as paneling nails for the job. The panels can be put up over the existing ones, but if there is extensive damage they may need to completely replace the old panels. Some stores may not carry enough of a color selection to match your mobile home walls, and in this case you can simply paint them all to match the rest of the walls.

Exterior Siding Replacements

Exterior mobile home siding wears down over time, and may eventually need to be fixed or replaced with better quality, vinyl siding. The type of siding most often used on mobile homes is medium density fiberboard, or MDF. Most do-it-yourself supply stores and mobile home part suppliers will carry the more durable and attractive vinyl siding, usually in a range of neutral colors. You can also find house wrap at these stores, which goes on under the vinyl siding and promotes better heating and cooling results inside the mobile home.

General Tips on Getting Quality Supplies

It is important to purchase your mobile home repair supplies from a reputable dealer or an actual mobile home parts supplier. Never just hand over your money to any Internet merchant without first checking out their references. Try to purchase your materials locally, so that you can see their quality firsthand and possibly return them if there are any problems. If the materials and supplies will be provided by a contractor, make sure you contact his or her references to find out if the supplies and general repair or remodeling quality is satisfactory.

A high-quality mobile home repair or remodeling job depends a lot on the materials used, so exercise caution and common sense when purchasing them. Buying your mobile home repair supplies locally not only allows you to supervise quality and delivery, but also helps to stimulate the local economy and keep your town thriving.